I'm Blair and I began creating homemade soap nearly 30 years ago from my tiny kitchen in Columbia, South Carolina, as an outlet and counterpoint to my career as a newspaper reporter. (That’s me above, cutting a loaf of cinnamon and clove soap, which, as I recall, burned the nether regions like no one’s business!). I even made soaps as wedding favors for my wedding in 1999.

Soapmaking took a backseat for many years as we moved to Baltimore and raised our family.  During the Covid lockdown, I was homeschooling one of my children who suffered from eczema. Needing a fun, engaging science lesson, I decided to formulate a skin-friendly soap and teach some chemistry at the same time...and Lonesome City Soaps was born!

I've learned a lot since those early days of soapmaking (through an embarrassing amount of trial and error) and I take pride in making soaps that not only look and smell amazing, but are gentle on the skin and long-lasting in the shower.

All my bath bars are made from scratch using the best combinations of oils and butters. My family personally tests out every formula I use, and I would never sell anything we didn't personally test and approve.

And, by the way, that child with eczema? She hasn't had an outbreak in years. I'm not saying my Pine Tar soap cured her, but why mess with what's working?!?!