What’s so special about goat milk ?

What’s so special about goat milk ?

You see it everywhere. Go to most any farmers market and you’ll find it. Goat milk soap. 
It’s a favorite ingredient of independent soap makers. It seems so wholesome, and goats are adorable. But what’s so special about their milk?

The truth is, most milks add enormous value to soap - cow milk, goat milk, even human breast milk. Non-dairy milks like coconut are great, too.  (I use coconut milk in my vegan bars). Milks contain natural sugars which add rich lather. Goat milk in particular is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that benefit the skin by providing moisture, exfoliation, and protection. Goat milk has high levels alpha-hydroxy acids which break down the glue holding dead skin cells and impurities together, leaving skin softer and improving its appearance. And goat milk is great at soothing irritated skin.

I’m also in the process of formulating a goats milk lotion but so far haven’t hit on just the right balance yet (first try go a “sour milk” smell after three days 🤢). 

So give goat milk a go! I just know you’re gonna love it!



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